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Chicago Area Camera Club Association - CACCA


CACCA stands for Chicago Area Camera Club Association. There are over 30 clubs in CACCA, where DG Camera Club is one of the member club. Here is CACCA's website:


You are invited to the CACCA pick.  This is when our club members meet to select what we feel are the best prints to enter in the monthly CACCA completion.  Our club can enter 4 prints in each of the 4 categories (Large Mono, Large Color, Small Mono, Small Color). The 4 prints in each category must be from 4 different photographers of our club.


This is a great opportunity to meet other members and see the ongoing critique as we try to narrow our selections down to 4.


On CACCA Pick day as listed on club website homepage



All are invited to CACCA monthly meeting from October to May, held on the 2nd Saturday of the month. Delegates meeting starts at 12:30 PM and the interclub competitions start at 1:00 PM. The meeting is held at


Christian Church of Arlington Heights

333 W. Thomas St.

Arlington Heights, IL 60004


All the competitions run simultaneously.  The hardest part is deciding which competition to watch!


There are individual competitions too:

  • Individual Pictorial Slides,

  • Nature Prints and Slides,

  • Photojournalism Prints,

  • Portrait Prints,

  • Creative Projected Images, 

  • Individual Special Category slide,

  • Digital Projected Image or DPI,

  • Post Card


If you are interest in any of these individual competitions please ask Janet Schleeter and she can take your images to competition if you cannot attend.



CACCA is hosting seminars in various photo related topics this season. It happens on the same day at the same place, where CACCA meeting/interclub competitions are held. The hour-long seminar starts at 11:30AM and all are welcome to attend. DG camera club website listed these seminars with presenters and subjects.


                     Masters In CACCA



Earl Kubis (1981) - Monochrome Prints: 55 POM


Elizabeth Kubis (1991) - Color Prints: 52 POM


Elizabeth Kubis (1993) - Monochrome Prints: 55 POM  


Earl Kubis (1995) - Color prints: 33 POM


Earl Kubis (2004) - Pictorial and Nature Slides: 18 SOM


John Wiet (2008) - Color Prints: 24 POM


Elizabeth Kubis (2010) - Photojournalism: 29  BOS/POM


        Charles & Betty Stinson Award



1994   Bob Mata


1999   Janet Schleeter


2000   Jeanne Halama


2008   Jane Kriete FPSA, GMPSA


2014   Judy Falout


               Past CACCA Presidents


1958  Russel Kriete  Hon PSA, FPSA, GMPSA


1975  Earl Kubis


1992  Janet Schleeter


1997  Janet Schleeter


1998  Janet Schleeter


          Len Gordon Creativity Award


2011   John Wiet




                Kohout Nature Award


2007  Ruth A Smith


2013  Joyce Burzloff

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