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         Monthly Competitions


Durint the Pandemic all meeting aill be on zoom.

The following text is for reference only.

Competitions are held on the first Tuesday of each month (starts at 7:00pm), beginning in October and ending in May.   Prints will be judged every other month for a total of 4 contests, alternating with digital projected images (DPI).  The categories and entry quantities per competition are:
•  2 large color prints
•  2 large monochrome prints
•  2 small color prints
•  2 small monochrome prints
•  3 digital projected images (DPI)

For make up of missed competitions, 2 prints and 3 DPIs are allowed in each competition.  All submissions entered as make-up will be recorded toward the yearly total and will be eligible for Honors. At least one image must be CACCA eligible in each division and left with the committee for consideration in the following CACCA competition.

All winning images are requested to be submitted to webmater for web display. They should be formatted to no larger than 1800x1800pix in image size and about 300KB in file size. They should be e-mailed as an attachment to  immediately  after the monthly contests. 

      Membership and Dues

Annual dues for INDIVIDUAL member is $35.00. The FAMILY RATE is $55.00. The payment of dues is expected at the first contest of the season but MUST be paid by November 8, 2016. Images are not eligible for competition if dues have not been paid by then.

Remember that the club is a non-profit organization and depends on the membership dues for its services and competitions.

To learn more about the club's activities or other information, please contact us.

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